DL4 Hydraulic Mining Rig
DL4 Hydraulic Mining Rig

Product introduction:Mining hydraulic mining drilling rig is specially developed for medium and deep hole rock drilling operations in medium and large roadways, especially roadways of 3.8m and above have unique advantages. The propulsion beam can be pitched and slewed, and the rocker arm and slide-type boom are designed to adapt to various drilling operations in deep hole blasting.

Technical Features
  • Hydraulic system
  • Control system
  • Fully automatic anti-jamming function
  • Rock drill
  • undercarriage
  • ● Using American Sauer Danfoss hydraulic control system to directly control rock drilling system, Danfoss plunger pump is the preferred pump for large-flow small and medium-sized trolleys, with reliable quality and long service life.

    ● Equipped with a multi-faceted safety alarm system, the usability and safety are very high. If the fuel oil level is too low, the water temperature is too high, the hydraulic oil temperature is too high, etc., it has an alarm prompt.

  • ● The integrated operation control panel is adopted to facilitate centralized operation, and the electro-hydraulic direct control system and rock drilling work are adopted.

    ● The drill pipe angle indicator is equipped on the operation platform, and the positioning angle of the propelling beam is digitally displayed, so that the deviation rate is small and the drilling qualification rate is high.

    ● Equipped with advanced wired or wireless computer control system.Equipped with automatic anti-jamming drill system and safety vehicle protection alarm system.

  • ● Protect the rock drill and drilling tools from damage, and stop the machine when the water pressure is insufficient.

  • ● Matching with high-power rock drills of international brands, a variety of rock drilling options can be provided according to the surrounding rock conditions and rock drilling requirements, so as to obtain more economical and efficient rock drilling performance. Standard 18KW, optional 25KW.

  • ● Safe and reliable wet axles: Wet axles and two-way braking system are used to ensure the safety and reliability of driving, the chassis is connected to the frame, hydraulic power steering, four-wheel drive, the turning angle is ±38°, the transition is flexible, and the walking speed is Faster and more stable.

    ● With service brake, parking brake, emergency stop settings. The car is matched with a wet axle, and adopts a dual brake system to hydraulically control the service brake. The spring release braking effect is safe, and the maintenance is simple, reliable, direct, and low in failure.

Product Gallery

Performance parameter

DL-1 DL-3 DL-4
whole machine
Overall dimensions of the whole machine (length x width x height) mm 8200x1425x2324/3024 9200×199ox3280 9905×1990x3580
Adapt to section (width x height) mm 5600x4390 7440X5220 5940X5020
Drill hole diameter mm 32-102 64-89 64-89
Drilling depth m 25 40 40
The number of rods in the rod library P without 20+1 20+1
Drilling speedm/min 0.8-2 0.8-2 0.8-2
Main motor power KW 55 55 55
Hydraulic tank capacity L 120 160 160
total weight kg 9500 17000 16500
Walking speed Km/h 6.5 >10 >10
Maximum parallel hole spacing mm 1500 3000 1500
Grade % 35 25 25
Drill arm positioning part
Rock Drill Model HC50 HC109 HC109
Drill rod mm 1220/1525/1830 1220/1525/1830 1220/1525/1830
Shank R38M R38/T38/T45 R38/T38/T45
Advance compensation stroke mm 2000 without without
push pitch/pitch ( ) Mar-90 -0.6 -0.6
propeller rotation () ± 180 ±180 ±180
Upper top telescopic mm without 1150 1150
Lower top telescopic mm without 2000 2000
walking chassis
turn 40 41 41
Diesel engine power KW 45/2200 58/22 58/22
Tire specifications 8.oXR20 12XR20 12XR20
Turning radius m Inside 2.6 / Outside 4.4 Inside 3.2 / Outside 6.0 Inside 3.2 / Outside 6.0
Ground clearance mm 243 280 280
Fuel tank volume L 45 60 60
Rear axle swing ( ) 7 8 8
brake wheel deceleration Dual Control/Service Parking Brake Dual Control/Service Parking Brake
Approach / departure angle() 20/14 ≥15 ≥15
Air supply system
Flow m3/min 100 100 0.35
Working pressure Mpa 0.2-0.8 0.2-0.8 0.2-0.8
water supply system
Flow Lmin 35 35 35
Working water pressure Mpa 0.8-1.2 0.8-1.2 0.8-1.2
Electrical System
Motor total power KW 55 65 65
Supply voltage V 380/660/1140 380/660/1140 380/660/1140
Motor speed r/min 1470 1470 1470
driving lights w 4x55 6x55 6x55
Work Light W 2x55 2x500 2x500
Cable reel m about 70 about 70 about 70
water pipe reel m without about 70 about 70
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