Series Mobile Cone Crushing Plant
Feed size
MBPSeries Mobile Cone Crushing Plant

Product introduction:MBP series cone crusher is equipped with a cone crusher suitable for medium and fine crushing with excellent performance, special crushing wall and concave design, supplemented by curved cavity and hydraulic cavity cleaning system, which can effectively improve crushing efficiency and effectively reduce operation loss.

Technical Features

Excellent grain shape

The material is crushed by the principle of lamination crushing, with high crushing efficiency and low wear of wearing parts. After crushing, the finished product is cubic with high fine-grained content, which can well meet the needs of some high-quality aggregates at this stage.

Wider applicability

This series of cone crushers has a larger feeding port, which can exert maximum performance to adapt to various crushing processes. It is widely used in medium crushing, ultra-fine crushing, stationary and mobile crushing plants. The optimized design of crushing speed, eccentricity (stroke) and cavity design are perfectly combined to provide higher capacity and better product quality.

High degree of automation

The thin oil lubrication system adopts the redundant design of double oil pumps and double filters, which can be lubricated before the equipment is started, with strong adaptability, easy control, and prolongs the service life of parts.

Integrated motor installation

The integrated installation method of the motor base and the crusher frame not only saves the installation space of the jaw crusher. Moreover, due to the synchronous movement of the frame, the motor base and the motor, and the adjustable motor base, the tension of the V-belt can be adjusted so that the service life of the V-belt is longer.

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Cone Crusher
Cone Crusher
Cone Crusher
Cone Crusher
Performance parameter
Project Device Name Models and Specifications Power (kW) Amount
HP300 cone crusher
1542 return screen
cone crusher equipment HP300 / 1
triangle belt Standard / 7
motor Standard 250 1
return screen equipment 1542 / 1
vibration motor Standard 3.7 2
modular steel structure Standard / 1
feeding conveyor Specification B1000*6m 7.5 1
drive mode electric drum drive / 1
main conveyor Specification B1000 * 8.7m 7.5 1
drive mode electric drum drive / 1
underscreen conveyor Specification B1200*6.2m 7.5 1
drive mode electric drum drive / 1
transfer conveyor Specification B650*2m 3 1
drive mode electric drum drive / 1
return conveyor Specification B500*9.5m 5.5 1
drive mode electric drum drive / 1
Electrical System Electric control cabinet Host soft start, electrical components Chint / 1 set
Belt conveyor folding cylinder / 1 set
Hydraulic Pumps, Valves, Stations and Tubing Accessories / 1 set
Total power 288.4KW
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