DL2 Long hole drilling jumbo
DL2 Long hole drilling jumbo

Product introduction:It is a compact and flexible electro-hydraulic deep hole jig for deep drilling operations in underground mines, especially for medium and deep hole rock drilling in sub-column-free mining.

Technical Features
  • Automatic Rod bank
  • Hydraulic drilling boom
  • Hydraulic Propeller beam
  • Chassis
  • control system
  • ● This boom is a horizontal rocker arm structure. It is a professional medium and deep hole rock drilling boom. It cannot be interchanged with the tunneling propelling boom to drill parallel holes.

  • ● The pallet-type drill boom is used for rock drilling with stable and accurate positioning rotated 360°.

    ● It can be used for medium and deep holes and also for tunneling. It can drill holes at any angle in the top, side and face of the rock.

  • ● Aluminum alloy heavy-duty propulsion beam, with character of high bending and torsion strength, and long service life.

    The surface of the propelling beam is covered with stainless steel, and the moving parts are made of PTFE wear-resistant liners.

  • Sturdy articulated heavy-duty chassis, diesel engine four-wheel drive, fast traveling speed and flexible transition characteristics, improve work efficiency; adopt power steering; chassis equipped with centralized lubrication system; the whole vehicle is equipped with four hydraulic outriggers for high stability when working.

  • It adopts a direct control rock drilling system with excellent automatic anti-block rod function. Its impact, rotation and propulsion use their own hydraulic pumps, and independent control loops ensure stable power output.

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Performance parameter

Item Data
Wholemachine Overall dimension mm 6800*1500* 2360 / 2800
Adopted tunnel (WxH)mm 3000×3000-4250x4000
Drilling diameter mm φ64~φ89
Driling rod length mm 915/1220/1525
Rod bank qty(pcs) 12+1
Drilling depth m 20
Propeller whole length mm 2645/2950/3255
Drilling speed m/min 0.8-2
Electrical motor power KW 55
Hydraulic oil tank volume L 180
Whole weight kg 9500
Drilling boom Drifter Epiroc RD18U(1838ME produced in China)
Impact power KW 18
Working pressure bar 215
Impact frequency Hz 57
Drifter rotation speedr/min 200
Swing angle° ±41°
Propellerup/down° -70°/30°
Parallel hole range mm 1500
Propeller compensation mm 1200
Chasis Chasis Diesel power KW 52kW@2200rpm
Carrier articulation° ±40°
Tyre 300-15
Rear axle angle° ±7°
Approach/departure angle° Approach 17°departure16°
Min. Turning radius m inner>2.42、outer>4.49
Traveling speed km/h 7
Min. Ground clearance mm 250
Driven mode Hydrostatic wheel edge
Diesel tank volume L 58
Air supply System Air compressor Sliding-vane
Flow L/min 320
Motor power KW 3
Working air pressure Mpa 0.3-0.4
Water supplysystem Booster pump centrifugal
Flow L/min 70
Motor power KW 3
Working water pressure Mpa 0.8-1.2
Electrical system General power KW 61(55+3+3)
Voltage V 380
Motor rotation speed r/min 1483
Running light W 8x56W
Working light W 2x70W
Electrical cable model 3×35+1×16
Cable reel diametermm 1050
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