Siton DT1-14 crawler single boom drilling jumbo
Siton DT1-14 crawler single boom drilling jumbo

Product introduction:The self-developed and produced CMJ1-14 (DT1-14) crawler-type single-arm excavation trolley is used for blasting holes and bolt holes in roadways, tunnel excavation and other fields of coal mines and metal mines.

Technical Features
  • Hydraulic system
  • Translation boom
  • Rock drill
  • cable reel
  • Large slope model (≤28°)
  • ● The direct-operated rock drilling control system and the manual four-way handle are used to control the translation of the boom. It is equipped with an anti-jamming function and a step-by-step booster system to make the work more stable and reduce fiber consumption.

    ● The design of the upper fuel tank and the low position of the pump can effectively avoid the failure of "due to the lack of negative pressure in the fuel tank, the fuel pump cannot absorb oil, and the fuel pump cavitation over time".

    ● The hydraulic turbine reducer and the screw cylinder are combined to form a cross steering joint, which can be drilled at any angle of the face, top, side and bottom without dead ends.

  • ● The mechanical fully translation drill arm has the function of keeping the propelling beam parallel in all directions, which can be positioned directly, quickly and accurately; the drilled hole is relatively parallel to the hole, no manual alignment is required, the operation is simple, and the control is excellent. Hole-to-hole spacing accuracy and parallelism. The boom is designed with a square beam section to make the overall force of the boom more stable. The rotating motor at the front end of the boom can rotate the entire propulsion mechanism ±180° and move flexibly. The self-developed special propulsion carriage is cold-drawn as a whole and calibrated several times, and has the characteristics of bending resistance, torsional strength, compact structure and light weight. It is equipped with imported hydraulic rock drill as standard, featuring high rock drilling hardness, high drilling hardness, fast drilling speed, low drilling tool consumption and low failure rate. Adopt imported screw oil cylinder, high torque, high bearing capacity, no position offset, ultra-compact, good anti-fouling ability and durable.

  • ● Hydraulic rock drills have better reliability and performance, and the efficiency is more than 2-4 times that of pneumatic rock drills. The imported rock drill is equipped with a hydraulic compensation system, which can prevent the air drilling under the operation error from protecting the rock drill; the special structure design of the fiber tail can eliminate the reaction force during the impact, and play the role of counter-strike protection to prolong the service life of the rock drill.

  • ● The use of special cable reels can realize flexible and automatic cable retraction and unwinding of equipment in and out of the field, save manpower and material resources, improve safety, and have a higher degree of automation, making drilling rigs more flexible in and out of the field.

  • ● In the excavation of mines and diversion branch tunnels, large inclination slopes have always been the bottleneck in construction. Our company has developed a large inclination crawler excavation trolley for large inclination angles, which can greatly reduce the number of workers and labor intensity.

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Performance parameter

project unit The main technical parameters
whole machine
Dimensions (length X width X height) mm 8005x950×1573 (ceiling height 2381)
Adapt to section (width X height) m 2x2~4.3×3.5 Standard Arm 2×2~4.65×3.75 Extended Arm
Drilling diameter mm 38~$76 (larger needs reaming)
Drill pipe length mm 2475/3090
Drilling depth mm 2100/2700
Drilling speed m/min 0.8-2
Total Weight Kg 7900
Cable reel capacity m >70
Hydraulic tank volume L 190
drill boom
lift (°) 45/20
Swing arm (left, right) (°) ±31.5
pitch (°) Oct-35
push compensation mm 1400
Axial rotation (。) 180
radial rotation ( O) ±90
Turning radius m 25
Walking speed km/h 2.4
Gradeability () ≤14
Ground clearance mm 270
Rock drill
model 0 HYD200/HC25 (optional)
Air supply system
Air pump motor power Kw 1.1
Air pressure for rock drill Mpa 0.4
water supply system
Pump motor power Kw 1.1
Water pressure for rock drill Mpa 0.8
water pressure for cooler Mpa 0.6
Electrical System
main motor power KW 37
Supply voltage v 380/660/1140
Motor speed rlmin 1470/2840/2840
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