DW1-50E Fully computerized single-arm drilling rig
DW1-50E Fully computerized single-arm drilling rig

Product introduction:DW1-50E fully computerized single-arm rock drilling rig is a new intelligent high-end rock drilling equipment, specially developed and designed for mining, high-speed, high-speed rail, water conservancy and hydropower and national defense tunnel construction rock drilling, suitable for 4x4-7x6 .8m roadway operation, the truck adopts the full computer intelligent control system to control the drill arm with high precision and one-button automatic rock drilling operation according to the pre-designed hole layout, which effectively reduces the construction difficulty of the operator, and the precise positioning of each angle reduces the tunnel construction. The over- and under-excavation of the tunnel makes it easy, efficient and high-quality in tunnel drilling.

Technical Features
  • computer control system
  • Hydraulic system
  • Sensing system
  • cable reel
  • walking system
  • ● The self-developed Chinese display system makes the operation simple, intelligent and highly automated.

  • ● The imported hydraulic system is stable, safe and efficient. It is equipped with automatic anti-jamming and drilling functions. The low-pressure and high-flow hydraulic system takes into account the characteristics of high drilling speed and low drilling tool loss. It is equipped with various safety alarms, and it is safer to use. high.

  • ● The pressure, flow, stroke and angle of each action element are monitored and monitored for accurate positioning.

  • ● The special cable reel can realize the convenient entry and exit of the equipment, save time and effort in retracting and unwinding the cable, and has high safety.

  • ● Chai mobile walking, articulated chassis, four-wheel drive, small turning radius and strong passability.

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Performance parameter

part project DW1-50E
whole machine (LxWxH) mm 12267x2090x2308/3008
Working range (WxH)m 7500×6800
Drill hole diameter mm Φ43-76
Drilling depth mm 4610/4000/3400
Drilling speedm/min 0.8-2
Main motor power KW 55
total weight kg 15600
way to control Full computer control system
drill boom Rock Drill Model 18U / 1838ME
Rotation ° ±180°
Propel pitch° -3/90
Telescopic mm 1500
Compensation mm 1250
chassis Diesel engine power KW 60
Steer ° ±38°
Minimum turning radius m 3.92/6.25
Walking speed km/h 14
Climbing angle° 14
Air supply system Flow L/min 280
Working pressure Mpa 0.3
water supply system Flow L/min 70
Working water pressure Mpa 0.8
Electrical System Motor total power KW 61(55+3+3)
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