High Gradient Magnetic Separator
High Gradient Magnetic Separator

Product introduction:High gradient magnetic separator is a kind of high-intensity magnetic separator used for screening weak magnetic minerals.

Technical Features
  • High-frequency Vibration Mechanism
  • Not Easy To Block
  • High Magnetic Field Strength
  • High Grade Magnetic Concentrate
  • Wide Range of Feed Particle Size
  • ● The high-gradient magnetic separator adopts a rotating ring vertical rotation and recoil concentrate and is equipped with a high-frequency vibration mechanism.

  • ●It fundamentally solves the worldwide technical problem that the magnetic material of the flat ring strong magnetic separator and the flat ring high gradient magnetic separator are easy to block.

  • ●The magnetic field strength of this high-strength magnetic concentrator can reach 1200-16000 Gauss. If the mechanical iron in the ore is not selected the mechanical iron will affect the beneficiation effect of the high-strength magnetic concentrator in the actual beneficiation work.

  • ● Multi-Gradient Matrixes & Liquid Level Control System.These technologies improve the grade of magnetic concentrate and recovery.

  • ● Wide Range of Feed Particle Size

Product Gallery

Performance parameter
Model Ring Diameter(mm) Slurry throughput Ability(m³/h) Dry ore Handling Capacity(t/h) Rated Magnetizing Power(kw) Ring Motor Power(kw) Vibration Motor Power(kw) Main frame Weight(t) Overall Dimension(L×W×H)mm
Φ1000 1000 12.5-20 4-7 0-17 1.1 2.2 6 2700x2000x2400
Φ1250 1250 20-50 10-18 0-19 1.5 2.2 14 3200x2340x2700
Φ1500 1500 50-100 20-30 0-27 3 4 20 3600x2900x3200
Φ1750 1750 75-150 30-50 0-37 4 4 35 3900x3300x3800
Φ2000 2000 100-200 50-80 0-42 5.5 7.5 50 4200x3550x4200
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