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Series Fine Sand Recycling Machine
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WSSeries Fine Sand Recycling Machine

Product introduction:The fine sand recovery device overcomes the difficult problem that the sand is washed and dehydrated by sand washing machine in traditional technology and the loss of fine sand is difficult to control. 

Technical Features
  • Sand washing is cleaner
  • High recovery rate
  • High Yield
  • Not easy to plug holes
  • Worriless Operation
  • ● The sand washing is cleaner and the secondary sand washing dehydration function is added to the finished sand of the sand washing machine. This is the main advantage of the sixth generation of fine sand recovery equipment.

  • ● Achieve 80%-90% of the fine sand recovery effect and the direct economic benefit for customers is more than 15%. Not only is energy saving and environmental protection but also the profit is considerable and it has both environmental protection and economic benefits.

  • ● Improve the quality and output of the finished sand and fully solve the problems of the sand washing machine (such as: the finished product has a large water content a large amount of mud a lot of dust and it is difficult to remove impurities).

  • ● The use of polyurethane screen has the characteristics of convenient installation longer life and not easy to block holes;

    Fine Sand Recycling Machine
  • ● Meanwhile VANGUARD always makes every effort to offer customers comprehensive technical services and sufficient spare parts to let them be free from worries about project operation.

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Fine sand recycling machine
Recycling machine for fine sand
fine sand
Sand Recycling Machines for river sand
River Sand

Performance parameter
Model Separator specification Size of dewatering screen Dehydration Screen Power(KW) Type of pump Pump power(KW) processing capacity(T) Shape size Remarks
WS8018 250 800*1800 0.75*2  2/3 11 5--10 2200*1400*2150 ①The pump can be selected according to the amount of water on site. ②2/3 pump flow rate 45 tons / hour ③3/4 pump flow 80-100 tons / hour ④4/6 pump flow 300-360 tons / hour ⑤The pump can be selected according to the amount of water on site.   
WS9020 300 900*2000 1.1*2  3/4 15 10--20 2500*1400*2300
WS1225 350 1200*2500 2.2*2  3/4 15 20--30 3000*1700*2300
WS1530  350*2 1500*3000 3.0*2  3/4 15*2 50--80 3100*2000*2500
2WS1530  350*2 1500*3000 3.7*2  3/4 15*2 50--100 3100*2000*2800
WS1840  350*2 1800*4000 3.7*2  3/4 15*2 100--130 4200*2300*2800
2WS1840  350*2 1800*4000 3*4  3/4 15*2 100--150 4550*2300*2800
WS2050 500*2 2000*5000 3.7*4 3/4或4/6 18.5*2 150--200 5200*2500*3100
2WS2060  500*2 2000*6000 3.7*4  2/3 22*2 200--260 6500*2500*3100
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