Vanguard Machinery Single-Cylinder Cone Crusher

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In recent years, with the development and progress of China's manufacturing industry technology, all crusher manufacturers are constantly improving their own products in the mining industry. Commonly used crushing equipment is developing in the direction of large scale, large capacity, high efficiency and intelligent consumption reduction.
Among the many crushing products, the cone crusher is the best one. Vanguard Machinery single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is equipped with advanced hydraulic technology to achieve hydraulic protection and hydraulic adjustment discharge opening, which simplifies the structure of the crusher. And it is easy to realize the automatic control of the crusher. It not only has high productivity, but also has excellent grain size and convenient maintenance and adjustment. It has been extremely popular since its inception and has won praise from customers.
The spirit of craftsmanship and intelligence lead the future            
The single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher of Vanguard Machinery adopts intelligent control system, which is highly automated and requires less manual operation in production and operation.            
★Real-time, remote device terminal and mobile terminal monitoring.           
★Continuous monitoring of pressure, power consumption and spindle position           
★Real-time monitoring of crusher discharge port size according to condition of material 
★ Cost monitoring, spare parts and wear parts statistics
High performance, low operating costs
The single-cylinder cone crusher adopts a combination of spindle floating and hydraulic lifting control. It integrates the adjustment of the discharge opening and the overload protection function, which simplifies the structure of the crusher while ensuring performance. Compared with other types of cone crushers, it is no need to add additional discharge port adjustment devices and over-iron protection devices, which makes the structure of the device simpler and increases the reliability of the operation of the equipment.
★ With Constant Liner Performance (CLP) design, the maximum feeding size and production capacity remain basically unchanged throughout the wearing life of the liner, and the total operating cost is low.
★ The main shaft is floating and supported at both ends. It has large bearing capacity, compact structure and reliable and stable operation.
★ Positive pressure dustproof device effectively avoids contamination of lubricating oil  and prevents bearings from damage, prolonging the service life of lubricating oil and equipment.
★ The transmission system adopts spiral bevel gear design, which has high bearing capacity, stable transmission and low noise.
★ The moving cone has a steep taper and the material passing ability is higher.
★ High pressure design is adopted to meet the low pressure demand. The equipment has a high pressure margin during normal operation, which improves the reliability of the hydraulic system and ensures timely alarm when the machine is overloaded.
Various models to meet the diverse needs of users
★ Available in S type and standard type. The S type is used for the secondary crushing of the large feeding particle size, and the H type is used for the secondary  and tertiary crushing. Up to a dozen types of crushing cavity shapes are adapted to different requirements of finished products.
★ The bushing of the same eccentric bushing can be rotated in four positions, resulting in four different eccentricities to suit different operating conditions.
Exquisite design, meticulous manufacturing and sincere service have always been the pursuit of Vanguard Machinery. On the development path, Vanguard Machinery works hard to contribute to the development of China's crushing industry and will continue to do its best to manufacture each machine and create maximum value for customers.
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