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Vanguard Machinery's jaw crusher is widely used in many fields such as mining, smelting, building materials, road, railway, water conservancy, and the chemical industries. It is designed to meet the primary crushing demand in the complicated crushing process and could crush various materials that compressive strength does not exceed 320 MPa. It is mainly composed of six parts: frame, transmission part (motor, pulley, eccentric shaft), crushing part (boring machine, movable jaw, fixed jaw), safety device (toggle plate, spring tension rod), adjustment parts, centralized lubrication devices, etc.

Product Analysis
In order to improve the crushing efficiency of the jaw crusher, its R&D and improvement have never stopped at home and abroad. After more than 60 years of improvement and technology introduction, the mainstream current domestic market has broken through a series of products such as PE, PEW and integrated jaw crusher (motor and crusher integration, hereinafter referred to integrated jaw crusher).
Among these three series, the PE series was first developed, and widely used in the domestic market due to its simple structure and relatively low price.
The PEW series Jaw Crusher has larger changes in the equipment structure, adjustment device, and protection device on the basis of the PE series so that the crushing efficiency and crushing ratio are better than the PE series.
6CX Series European Type Jaw Crusher belongs to a new generation of jaw crusher products. Its equipment structure, function and production efficiency all reflect the modern advanced technology level. Compared with PE and PEW Series Jaw Crusher, the biggest change of the 6CX Series European Type Jaw Crusher is to place the motor in the fuselage.
Shortcomings Comparison:
PE Jaw Crusher:
◇ When adjustment, it needs to be stopped the whole piece and manually adjusted;
◇ Short service life, for the soldered connection between the bearing housing and the frame;
◇ Manual lubrication and difficult operation affect production efficiency.
PEW Jaw Crusher:
◇ A higher price than the traditional jaw crusher series;
◇ It is a transition product of traditional jaw crusher and new 6CX Series European Type Jaw Crusher.
6CX Series European Type Jaw Crusher:
◇Higher price
Atlas of Vanguard Machinery Jaw Crusher Customer Site

As the forerunner in the crushing field, the jaw crusher can be seen almost everywhere, whether in the crushing and grinding mill production line, or the sand making and the beneficiation production line. At present, although the PE Series Jaw Crusher is still the most widely used series, it is self-explanatory that the advantages of the convenience in replacing parts, high crushing efficiency and safety of the integrated jaw crusher with the development of technology and increase in the time costs.
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