Breaking the Traditional Crushing Process and Learn the Application of Multi-cylinder Cone Crusher in the Crushing Production Line

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In today's sand and gravel crushing industry, when the configure of the crushing production line equipment, what many sand and stone producers dream of is the maximum capacity of the equipment. An efficient and environmentally friendly crushing equipment can improve the efficiency of the entire production line and increase the economic income of the enterprise. Vanguard Machinery HP hydraulic cone crusher is designed to meet these needs which adopt the new crusher structure and optimized laminated crushing cavity makes it highly efficient in crushing and excellent in grain size and use new hydraulic control system makes it more convenient and accurate to maintain and adjust in the operation process. At the same time, Vanguard Machinery has a sales and service network all over the country and around the world, which can provide convenient, professional technical support and after-sales service anytime and anywhere.
Through the configuration and application in the practice of many sand and gravel aggregate production lines, it has been found that it is another excellent choice in the current aggregate crushing to use a multi-cylinder full hydraulic cone crusher in the process of producing aggregates of various ores and rocks such as river pebble, iron ore, non-ferrous metal ore, granite, limestone, quartzite, sandstone in metal and non-metallic minerals, cement, sand, metallurgy and other industries.
Product Structure
HP hydraulic cone crusher is mainly composed of seven parts: the frame part, the support sleeve part, the adjustment ring part, the moving cone part, the eccentric sleeve part, the transmission part and the fuse part. The main shaft is fixed, the motor drives the transmission shaft to rotate, and the transmission shaft passes. The gear drives the eccentric sleeve to rotate around the main shaft, and then the eccentric sleeve moves the moving cone portion to perform an eccentric circumferential swing, thereby realizing the continuous crushing of the crushed rock.
High production capacity and high efficiency
HP high-efficiency hydraulic cone crusher adopts advanced spindle fixing and the structure of eccentric sleeve rotating around the spindle greatly improves the stress state of the spindle. Under the same dimensions, it can withstand greater crushing power and reasonable eccentricity. The combination of cavity-type and motion parameters greatly improves productivity and work efficiency.
Product Design Concept
1. Designed by layer compression and crushing principle, the crushing occurs between the material and the material, and the crushing efficiency is high.
2. Not rely on smaller discharge openings to obtain smaller product sizes.
3. High content fine particles of the finished product.
4. The liner is worn slowly and low consumption.
5. Need to fill the feed.
Significant Advantages of Multi-cylinder Cone Crusher in the Crushing Production Line
1.HP multi-cylinder cone crusher has high efficiency and low energy consumption during production, which can be used for the crushing of medium and high strength materials. The cone crusher not only has large production capacity but also has high production performance. So the main market of the cone crusher is on a large crushing production line. In these production occasions, the cone crusher is an important machine to improve the processing capacity of the entire production line and cannot be replaced by other equipment.
2.The cone crusher has a relatively strong performance advantage, which is generally installed under the jaw crusher and used as a secondary crushing operation. In the current crushing line, the crushing or rough crusher is basically a jaw crusher. The secondary crusher is generally an impact crusher or a cone crusher, compared with the impact crusher, the HP multi-cylinder cone crusher produces a better particle shape.
3. The cone crusher has the advantages of low energy consumption and high production energy in the crushing production process. Therefore, cone crushers can play a big role in large crushing lines, although the material produced by the cone crusher is usually required to be formed using a vertical impact crusher and a molding machine. So a large production line usually consists of a cone crusher, a jaw crusher, and a vertical shaft impact crusher.
In summary, compared with the traditional equipment, the multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher has a more stable particle size composition, better granular shape, simple operation and flexible adjustment, and the yield rate is over 80%. Therefore, when configuring the sand and gravel production line equipment, Vanguard Machinery utilizes advanced design concepts and optimized HP series multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher to provide users with higher production capacity and best product size shape, and which is easy to control automatically with maximum reliability and flexibility, and truly create more value for users.
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