Market Analysis —on the cone crusher and its application in stone crushing in Uzbekistan

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The cone crusher is a crushing machine suitable for raw materials in the metallurgy, construction, road construction, chemical and silicate industries. It is divided into many models according to the different crushing principles and different particle sizes. At present, the cone crusher has become a widely used and diverse material crushing equipment, which plays a very important role in both mine crushing and artificial aggregate projects.
In recent years, due to market changes and demand, both domestic users and manufacturers have a strong interest in cone crushers. Cone crushers have become the key point of the current crusher industry. Now, I will introduce you to this star crusher with a high degree of attention.
The cone crusher overview and working principle

The cone crusher originated in the 1920s, the landmark invention of mining equipment driven by industrialization in Europe. The earliest spring cone crusher was named after the inventor's name which called Simmons cone crusher. The cone crusher is mainly used for secondary and tertiary crushing of mines, smelting, road construction materials, ore beneficiation equipment.
The crushing principle of the cone crusher is moving cone driven by a motor, and the driving shaft is connected to the crushing cone to rotate and press and laminate the material. The working principle of the cone crusher determines the cone crusher process the high hardness materials, which Moh’s hardness greater than 6 grades such as: river pebbles, feldspar (potassium feldspar and albite, etc.), quartz, granite, basalt, etc.
However, limited to the working principle, the spring cone crusher cannot produce high ratio cube-shaped material.
The technical advantages of the cone crusher
The compound cone crusher developed by Zhengzhou Vanguard Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. is an improved model based on the traditional spring cone crusher and has the following advantages:
1. The motor of host is optimized from the original eight-stage speed 970 r/min to six-stage speed 1470 r/min. The host drive speed is higher, and the corresponding crushing efficiency will increase by 50% compared with the original one.
2. The transmission mode is optimized by the traditional coupling direct connection method to the transmission belt connection. The speed is adjusted by changing the diameter of the pulley, which makes the adjustment speed more convenient and saves most installation sites.
3. The main grinding parts of the host use the finished castings, and it does not need to be filled with epoxy resin. It can be directly replaced and then fixed with a pressure sleeve, which greatly saves the replacement period of the parts (the configuration of ordinary cement or epoxy resin takes one day, but the process of Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. only take two hours).
4. The host adds the hydraulic clearance system and configures the hydraulic station to realize the adjustment of the discharge gap and hydraulic protection through hydraulic pressure. When the unbreakable material enters the crusher, the hydraulic clearance system can lift the upper body of the crusher and drop the unbreakable material, which greatly saves the labor of manual clearance (the manual clearance of spring cone crusher normally requires eight hours of labor).
The compond cone crusher produced Zhengzhou Vanguard Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. can be 40% discount than the ordinary spring cone crusher at the same capacity, so the customer investment cost will be lower and return capitals is faster.
The cone crusher produced by our company can has two functions of crushing and sand making, which has five different models.
The application of cone crusher in Uzbekistan region.
Uzbekistan is the most populous country in the five Central Asian countries and is at the core of the Belt and Road, which has a superior geographical environment. At the same time, now President Shafkart Mirziyoev has given an open investment environment to Chinese investors. Currently takes Tashkent as head, many Chinese investors are investing in long-term investments has drive the market booming in crushing equipment and construction materials machinery.

The main materials of Uzbekistan are mainly river pebbles and high-hardness rocks. And the main infrastructure areas are concentrated in Tashkent, Samarkand, Gizak, Navoi and Nukus, among them, Tashkent and Samarkand are the main areas, which also has the best investment and infrastructure environments. The stone in this area is concentrated on river pebbles and is suitable for the input of cone crushers. In the future, Zhengzhou Vanguard Machinery Technology will focus on the variety of cone crushers, which can be characterized by medium and fine crushing, and continue to focus on improving the capacity of cone crushers, further improving product performance advantages. We will play an increasingly important role in promoting Uzbekistan's construction and deepening regional cooperation.
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