Suggestions on Calcined Lime Crushing Line

Time:2018-08-15 16:07From:VANGUARD 【 Font:Big middle Small
When calcined lime crushing line is put into operation, you should operate machine according to the rules. There are five things you should know.

Firstly, be careful of ammeter on the control cabinet. The current will be normal after 40 seconds when reaching its peak.

Secondly, the current can’t exceed rated value for a long time when the machine works regularly.

Thirdly, vibrating feeder can be started when the jaw crusher works regularly. And you can adjust the feed volume and turn belt according to the size of materials and the running condition of jaw crusher. In general, the stacking height of materials in crushing chamber should exceed the two seconds of the height of crushing chamber. Diameter of materials should not exceed the 50% of inlet width beacause the capacity reaches the largest in this condition. The size of materials should not be too large in case it block machine and influence production capacity.

Fourthly, prevent metal objects from going into jaw crusher in case damaging the machine. If these objects have went into it, you should take them out timely in case they go into secondary crusher.

Finally, no forced starting when the equipment stops working because of unknown reason.