Congratulation! Vanguard's 200T/H River Stone Crushing Production Line Was Successfully Put Into Operation In Guangdong!

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Recently, the first-line engineer of Vanguard Machinery sent back the latest news that the mobile crushing line for 200 t/h river stone was completed the installation and commissioning and put into production smoothly on the beautiful coast of South China Sea in Guangdong Province. The production line is rationally arranged according to the customer's site conditions, which is completely planned and designed by Vanguard Machinery. The operation of the entire production line was high efficiency, energy-saving and eco-friendly.
Project Overview

01. Processing material: river stone
02. Capacity requirement: 200 T/H
03. Equipment application: 6CX106 mobile jaw crusher plant+CP300 mobile cone crusher plant+5X9532 sand making machine+3YA2160 vibrating screen

Site Atlas

Main product advantages: 
01. VP Series Tire Mobile Crushing Plant

This mobile crushing and screening complete set of equipment includes primary crushing plant, secondary crushing, screening plant, and belt conveyor. Each level of the crushing plant is an independent working unit, which can complete its own work for different responsibilities. The belt conveyor is responsible for the material transfer and stacking between the crushing plant.
Main advantages:

★ Integrated complete set, strong adaptability and flexible configuration;
★ Direct and effective operation, reducing material transportation costs;
★ Integrated vehicle-mounted generator set, motor and control box;
★ Customized on demand, flexible configuration, strong adaptability;
★ Telescopic self-loading belt conveyor.

Compared with the fixed production line, the tire-type series mobile crushing plant has a short engineering cycle and quick transition follow-up. It not only reduces the investment risk and opportunity cost of investors but also more economical and eco-friendly for avoiding the demolition work after the project ends. It is widely used in open-pit mining, construction waste crushing, urban road construction, concrete aggregate recycling, etc.

02. 5X Series Sand Making Machine

Main advantages:

★ Optimize the structure of the crushing cavity, which can realize the rapid conversion of the two crushing modes of crushing between stones and crushing between stone and iron.
★ New design of key components such as impeller, bearing barrel, lower body, etc. The impeller adopts a four-port design to increase the probability of collision between the material throughput and the material. The bearing barrel adopts a unique exhaust and dust-proof device and a sealing structure to prevent dust from entering the bearing cap leaks oil. The lower part of the machine body is changed from a well structure to a cross structure to prevent materials from blocking the discharge channel.
★ It adopts thin oil lubrication and is equipped with an air-cooled system. It is controlled by PLC and intelligent instruments, which can realize automatic lubrication control, and the adjustable lubrication temperature provides more ideal working conditions for the bearing.
★ The standard self-lifting boom is coaxial with the lifting arm, which is convenient for the maintenance of the impeller and the bearing barrel. It is easy to maintain for adopting the hydraulic jack to lift the hopper. The height of the guardrail is reduced to avoid interference when the hopper is unscrewed.

03. YA Series Circular Vibrating Screen

Main advantages:

★ It significantly improves the processing capacity and screening efficiency of the screen by adopting the structure of small amplitude, high frequency, and large inclination angle.
★ Using cylindrical eccentric shaft exciter and offset block to adjust the amplitude with stable vibration source, strong exciting force, and convenient maintenance.
★ It is selected the spring steel woven screen or perforated screen and meet different production needs by simple screen replacement operation.
★ Using rubber vibration isolation spring, long life and low noise. The screen beam and the box body are riveted with high-strength bolts with high strength. The side plate of the screen box is made of a boiler steel plate. It has strong impact resistance. The vibrator uses large clearance bearings, lubricated by thin oil, with low noise.