Modular, Frame-based And Foundation-free! Vanguard Machinery Series Crushing Plant Add Another Major Machine

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Recently, in the Vanguard Machinery production plant, in addition to the daily epidemic prevention and control work, what everyone is looking forward to the most is our assembly workshop, where we are developing and producing our latest mobile crushing plant new product - MBP series semi-mobile mobile plant for final assembly and installation. This series of mobile plants is the latest independent research and development of Vanguard Machinery after the tire-type mobile plant and the crawler-type mobile plant. It is mainly used in the primary and secondary crushing and screening stages of medium and soft hardness rocks, construction waste, concrete blocks and other raw materials. The semi-mobile frame structure mobile crushing plant can be widely used in urban construction waste disposal, rock crushing in mines and tunnel construction.

Today, let's take a look at the charm of this series of semi-mobile mobile crushing plants!

semi-mobile jaw crushing plant, mobile impact crusher for granite, Vanguard Machinery

MBP series modular mobile crushing plant is a multi-integrated frame structure solution consisting of one or some crushing and screening unit modules. This series of mobile plants are especially suitable for multi-point quarries that need to regularly move equipment between different locations. They have significant advantages such as compact structure design, space-saving, foundation-free installation, and can be quickly relocated and recombined according to construction needs.

Product advantages of MBP series jaw crushing plant:

semi-mobile jaw crushing plant, mobile impact crusher for granite, Vanguard Machinery

1. Solid structure:

The frame is divided into welding type and assembled type. The small and medium-sized specifications generally adopt the welding type, and the large-scale specifications generally adopt the assembled type.

2. Superior cavity design, large feeding granularity

The V-type crushing cavity design is adopted, the toggle plate has a large inclination angle and a large stroke, and the feed particle size is larger, the output is higher, the particle size is more uniform, and the wear of the jaw plate is reduced than that of the traditional PE series jaw crusher.

3. Convenient and quick adjustment of mine discharge port

The jaw crusher adopts mechanical or hydraulic adjustment of the discharge opening, and its double wedge adjustment method is simpler, safer and faster to operate than the shim adjustment method, which saves downtime.

4. Integrated motor installation

The integrated installation method of the motor base and the crusher frame not only saves the installation space of the jaw crusher. Moreover, due to the synchronous movement of the frame, the motor base and the motor, and the adjustable motor base, the tension of the V-belt can be adjusted so that the service life of the V-belt is longer.

Product advantages of MBP series cone crushing plant:

semi-mobile cone crushing plant, mobile impact crusher for granite, Vanguard Machinery

1. Excellent particle shape

The material is crushed by the principle of lamination crushing, with high crushing efficiency and low wear of wearing parts. After crushing, the finished product is cubic with high fine-grained content, which can well meet the needs of some high-quality aggregates at this stage.

2. High degree of automation

The thin oil lubrication system adopts the redundant design of dual oil pumps and dual filters, which can be lubricated before the equipment is started. It has strong applicability, easy control, and prolongs the service life of parts.

3. Wider applicability

This series of cone crushers has a larger feeding port, which can exert maximum performance to adapt to various crushing processes. It is widely used in medium crushing, ultra-fine crushing, stationary and mobile crushing plants. The optimized design of crushing speed, eccentricity (stroke) and cavity design are perfectly combined to provide higher capacity and better product quality.

Product advantages of MBP series screening plant:

semi-mobile crushing and screening plant, mobile impact crusher for granite, Vanguard Machinery

1. Excellent screening ability

When the circular vibrating screen is working, the screen box vibrates strongly, which can reduce the phenomenon of material blocking the screen holes, so that the vibrating screen has high production efficiency and screening efficiency.

2. Innovative and optimized design

This series of screening plants is designed with an assembled lower discharge chute, which is convenient for transportation and installation. The front sliding-out discharge chute is designed during production, which makes the maintenance of the screening machine convenient.

3. Long service life

A flexible coupling is used when the vibrating screen motor and the exciter are connected, which can improve the service life of the equipment and reduce the impact force of the motor.

Comparison of Vanguard Machinery MBP series modular mobile crushing plant and fixed crushing and screening plant:

MBP series modular mobile crushing plant:

1. Shorter commissioning time and faster profit creation (equipment production cycle is 35 days).

2. Can enter the market at any time and quickly enter the production state.

3. The output of the entire production line is equivalent to that of fixed equipment, and the electricity consumption of mobile equipment can be reduced compared to that of fixed equipment.

4. The power can choose to adopt the power mode of oil and electricity, and the power source is various.

5. The entire production line only needs 4 people to operate.

Stationary crushing and screening plant:

1. It needs to be fixed with a solid concrete foundation, which requires a large investment and a long period (2-5 months).

2. Requires a long installation and commissioning time (15-30 days).

3. It is difficult to transfer the equipment, the process needs to be rectified, all the civil works need to be scrapped, and the foundation is repeated construction with a huge investment.

4. The entire production line requires 10 people to cooperate.

5. Power needs to ensure the supply of electricity. In remote areas, it is necessary to build substations or generators to cooperate with electric motors.

To sum up, Vanguard Machinery MBP series modular mobile crushing plant is a mobile crushing production line with the three advantages of performance, economy and innovation and is very cost-effective. This series of mobile plants break the traditional installation mode and has the characteristics of fast delivery, efficient production, high stability and so on. Equipped with a special control system, it can be quickly put into production and give you the opportunity to stand!