What Equipment Is Suitable For Crushing Pebble?

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Pebble is a byproduct of mining yellow sand. The main chemical composition of pebble is silica, followed by a small amount of iron oxide and trace elements and compounds such as manganese, copper, aluminum, magnesium, etc. Pebbles are widely used in public buildings, villas, courtyard buildings and pavement, and pebble processing and crushing equipment is essential. But now there are a lot of pebble crushing equipment on the market, so customers don't know which equipment to choose. Here are several commonly used pebble crushing equipment for your reference.
.Jaw crusher            
Jaw crusher, as a suitable equipment for pebble crushing, is mainly used for the primary crushing operation of pebble, and the crushing effect of pebble is very significant. It can crush large pebble without blocking the feeding port. The crushing chamber is designed deeply, and the amount of pebble processing is also increased, which improves the overall economic benefits of customers. It is a vertical structure design, covering a very small area, in addition, the equipment operation and maintenance is also very convenient, so it is a very good pebble crushing equipment.         

.Cone crusher     
1.Lamination crushing is adopted instead of impact crushing, so there is no secondary crushing  and the over crushing rate is lower;            
2.The pebble material processed by it has better grain shape (more than 90% of cube finished material) and better gradation;            
3.The remote touch screen operation interface is configured to display the implementation status;            
4.Fixed axis structure design, large crushing force and small investment in equipment foundation;            
5. New products are equipped with dust removal, noise reduction and other devices, which can achieve green production.   

. Impact crusher            
Impact crusher is also widely used in pebble crushing. After crushing, the cube pebble content is very large, which meets the needs of customers and has the following advantages.           
1. The arbitrary adjustment of the discharge port can effectively control the discharge particle size of the pebbles, and the finished pebbles have very uniform particle size and excellent particle shape.            
2. It can not only carry out the continuous crushing operation of pebbles, but also has a very low probability of failure in the process of crushing, and the operating costs of customers are also reduced a lot.            
3. The wear-resistant parts are made of extra hard wear-resistant materials, which can reduce friction in the process of crushing and prolong the service life of wear-resistant parts.           
4. The operation is very stable, and all parts are fixed very firmly, so there will be no abnormal noise, and the noise and vibration is also very little. 

As a professional high-tech mining machinery manufacturer, we recommmend the crushing equipment with the lamination principle as much as possible in the design of the crushing process to reduce the loss of wear parts. The typical laminating equipment configuration is two-stage crushing that is two sets of jaw crusher or jaw crusher plus cone crusher. If the customer has higher requirements for the final stone particle size, we can configure another impact breaker for integral crushing, thus forming a three-stage crushing process configuration. The three-stage crushing will inevitably lead to higher investment cost of the project, but for the long-term operation of the quarry, the production cost reduced by the three-stage crushing is very considerable.