The Working Principle of Slag Powder Production Line

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 Slag is the main solid waste produced in black metallurgical industry. There is little hydraulicity when slag exists alone. But it will show the hydraulicity when suffering excitation force, and we will get superfine powder when blast furnace slag is ground. Slag powder can be used to produce materials like cast stone, glass ceramics, fertilizer, enamel, ceramics,etc., so it is becming more and more popular.

The working principle of slag powder production line is as following.

Firstly, slag will be sent to slag heap for storage by discharge hopper and belt conveyor.

Secondly, forklift will send materials to feed hopper and then they will go to quantitative feeder for metered. Belt conveyor with electromagnetic iron remover will send them to the feeding outlet of slag vertical mill.

Thirdly, hot air stove installed in front of slag vertical mill will provide the heat source required by grinding and drying process.

Finally, slag powder after being dried will be collected by pulse dust collector. And air conveying chute and elevator will send finished products to slag powder silo.
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