Vanguard Machinery Helps You Choose High-quality Impact Crusher

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Crusher is one of the most useful equipments of Vanguard Machinery. With the development of technology and requirement of application, there are more and more kinds of crusher satisfying different production. As a professional manufacturer producing impact crusher, Vanguard Machinery recommends customers know about their own requirements and choose a suitable machine for themselves.
Firstly, you should know about your raw materials. The impact crusher of Vanguard Machinery can crush many kinds of ores except simple metal or the flammable and explosive materials. Besides, construction waste containing steel bar can’t be crushed by crusher. Some ores with big size will damage crusher if they go into machine directly.
Secondly, you should know about the output size. Vanguard Machinery produce many kinds of crusher, such as jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, etc. Each crusher is possess of its own advantage or disadvantage. For example, jaw crusher often crushes materials as primary crusher, and cone crusher crushes materials secondarily. And different materials also influence the choice for crusher. We recommend cone crusher if you want to process granite.
Then, you should know about the capacity. In Vanguard’ s product catalogue. And there are many models in for each machine. Such as impact crusher, PF1007 can process materials with 15-60 tons per hour, but PF1320 can crush materials with 160-350 tons per hour.
If you have known about yourself requirements, you should also conduct professional technicians. They will help you choose good crusher in a quick time. Vanguard Machinery has a professional team with rich experiences to provide sincere services for you.