Weathered sand is the intermediate product of weathering process of surface rock strata. Its durability is worse than that of ordinary soil, and its physical and mechanical properties are unstable. Weathered sand is characterized by angular particles, weak strength, large uneven size distribution, and contains a large amount of fine soil particles. Weathered sand origin: Bailianhe (fine-grained granite), Yahekou (granite gneiss, diorite gneiss), Dahuofang (granite, granite gneiss), Three Gorges (biotite quartz diorite), Jiusongshan (hornblende granite gneiss), Langang (sandstone). The investigation proves that there are a lot of weathered sand phenomena along the expressway from Shaolin Temple to Luoyang. The physical and mechanical properties of weathered sand and various road performance of cement stabilized weathered sand are studied. The results show that cement stabilized weathered sand has good mechanical properties and broad application prospects.

Weathered sand Processing technology

Weathered sand treatment method is to crush the excavated weathered sand and make the weathered sand with poor compactness finer and crushed under the action of exciting force; then wash it with water to remove the trace of stone powder and impurities in the sand, reduce the mud content in the sand, purify the sand and gravel content, and finally get the sand material which meets the requirements of the building. The weathered sand with abundant resources as raw material has the characteristics of convenient material taking, low cost, turning waste into treasure, reasonable technology and feasible technology. The production line of weathered sand is mainly composed of jaw crusher, sand making machine (weathered stone sand making machine), vibrating screen, sand washing machine and belt conveyor. The process of weathered sand production line: first, the rock is primary crushing by coarse jaw crusher, and then the coarse material is transported by belt conveyor to fine crushing by fine jaw crusher. After fine crushing, two kinds of materials are screened out by vibrating screen, the material which can meet the granularity of the sand-making machine crush again. Some of the stones in the sand-making machine are made into sand, which is washed by the sand-washing machine and then made into finished weathered sand. The particle size that not meet the requirement would crush again.
The weathered sands are mostly granite gneiss and diorite gneiss. The strongly weathered gneiss, after being excavated and transported by explosion, becomes loose weathered fossil slag or foam. Weathered sand has strong water resistance and can be used as building sand. Weathered sand consolidation is also fast, which can be used as a good permeable material or semi permeable material.

Application fields Through the deep processing, Weathered sand can be widely used in the following industries.

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