Mountain rocks refer to the perennial open-air experience of wind and rain baptism of mountain rocks, is very crushing sand raw materials, because railway construction or highway construction sections are built according to the mountains, so the mining of mountain rocks sand is particularly important, local materials to avoid the inconvenience caused by long-distance transportation.

Mountain stone Processing technology

The sand-making process of mountain rocks is roughly the same as that of ordinary bulk ores, which is connected by belt conveyors through the processes of coarse crushing, fine crushing, sand-making, screening, sand washing and finished products. Rock crushing and sand making equipment: Jaw crusher and impact crusher combination for harder and larger particle size, meanwhile, jaw crusher and cone crusher combination for smaller or softer rocks, or it can also be directly sanded by jaw crusher and sand making machine. Which kind of equipment to use depends on the grain size of raw rock, hardness, grain size of finished products and so on. Which model of equipment depends on the output you require per hour. If you need more sand, you can add a sand washing machine at the end to clean the sand. The granularity of the finished product is controllable and adjustable. Generally, the granularity of the finished product is in three specifications: 0-5mm, 5-10mm, 10-20mm. If more sand and stone specifications are needed, different vibrating screening equipment can be selected, because the finished product specifications are determined by the specifications and layers of vibrating screens. Vanguard is a professional manufacturer of rock crushing equipment and sand production line. Its equipment has passed the market test and has been recognized by the vast number of users. If you don't know anything about the stone crushing equipment or need to select the equipment, please call our sales hotline directly: 0371-58699231 or with our online customer service, we will serve you wholeheartedly.
Mountain rocks are very good raw materials for the production of machine-made sand and stone. Because they are open-air, the mining of weathered mountain rocks is more convenient. The aggregates processed by crushing and sand making are widely used in hydraulic and hydropower projects, highways, expressways, high-speed railways, passenger dedicated lines, bridges, airport runways, municipal engineering, high-rise building sand production and stone shaping.

Application fields Through the deep processing, Mountain stone can be widely used in the following industries.

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