Limestone, also known as calcium carbonate, is a compound whose chemical formula is CaCO₃. CAS 471-34-1. It is a common material on earth and can be found in rocks. The main ingredients of animal dorsal shells and snails shells. It exists in nature with calcite and aragonite two minerals. Calcite is a triangular system, hexagonal crystal, pure calcite colorless transparent, generally white, containing 56% CaO, 44%CO₂ , density of 2.715 g / cm³, Mohr hardness of 3, the property of brittle. Aragonite belongs to the orthogonal strain, rhombic crystal, gray or white, density of 2.94 g/cm³, Mohr hardness of 3.5-4, dense nature. The physical properties of limestone are very important for the crystallization of calcite in China. Dense limestone exhibits a low porosity and fine grain structure with high strength. The density of limestone is about 2.65-2.80 g/cm³, dolomitic limestone is 2.70-2.90 g/cm³ and dolomite is 2.85-2.95 g/cm³. Bulk density depends on porosity.

Limestone Processing technology

Limestone sand-making machine is widely used in various kinds of stone construction sand (river stone, mountain rock, sandstone, slag, granite, etc.), mine metal ore, non-metallic ore, refractory, glass raw materials, waste glass recovery, can also be used as fine-breaking equipment for ore dressing equipment, especially effective, greatly reducing the pressure of the ball mill, more broken less grinding, is grinding. The output of the machine has been greatly improved. Limestone sand-making machine is mainly the equipment that crushes limestone to 0-5mm force. Limestone enters the sand-making machine from the feeding hopper. The material is divided into two parts by the divider. One part enters the high-speed rotating impeller from the middle of the divider, and is accelerated rapidly in the impeller. The acceleration can reach hundreds of times of gravity acceleration, then 60-70 times. The velocity of meters/seconds is ejected from the three uniformly distributed channels of the impeller. The ejected materials and materials break up in collision with each other, and then impact together on the material lining in the vortex support chamber. The material lining rebounds, slanting upward to the top of the vortex chamber, then changing its direction of motion, deflecting downward motion, and ejecting from the impeller channel. The incoming material forms a continuous material curtain. Limestone sand-making machines are common in all regions of China, and limestone crushing is the most advantageous and core competitiveness area in Anbang. Moreover, the Anbang Sandstone Project Department has a unique advantage in the allocation of 1,000-40,000 tons of limestone sand-making production lines per day, and has more than ten years of limestone sand-making production lines. Experience.
Lime Shi Ke is widely used as building material and is also an important raw material for many industries. Limestone can be directly processed into stone and fired into quicklime. Lime has quicklime and hydrated lime. The main component of quicklime is CaO, which is generally lump-like, pure white, and light gray or yellowish when it contains impurities. Quick lime absorbs moisture or adds water to become eliminating lime, eliminating lime is also called ripe lime, its main component is Ca (OH) 2. Matured lime is blended into lime slurry, lime gypsum, lime mortar, etc., and used as coating materials and tile binder. Cement is made by mixing limestone and clay and calcined at high temperature. The glass is made of limestone, quartz sand and soda ash. Iron is used as a flux to remove gangue. Steel making lime is used as slag making material to remove harmful impurities such as sulphur and phosphorus. Calcium carbide (mainly CaC2) is produced by the reaction of quicklime and coke in an electric furnace. Soda ash is prepared by multi-step reaction of limestone, salt, ammonia and other raw materials. Caustic soda (caustic method) is prepared by reaction of slaked lime and soda ash. Bleaching is made by using pure hydrated lime and chlorine. Calcium chloride, calcium nitrate, calcium sulfite and other important calcium salts are made by chemical processing of limestone. Hydrated lime can remove the temporary hardness of water and is used as a softener for hard water. Calcium carbonate powder is made from limestone and used as filler for rubber, plastics, paper, toothpaste and cosmetics. Alkali lime made from lime and caustic soda and used as absorbent for carbon dioxide. Quicklime is used as desiccant and disinfectant. In agriculture, lime, sulfur, Bordeaux and other pesticides are prepared with quicklime. The application of ripe lime in the soil can neutralize the acidity of the soil, improve the structure of the soil and supply the calcium needed by plants. Using lime slurry to brush the trunk can protect trees.

Application fields Through the deep processing, Limestone can be widely used in the following industries.

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