Diabase, also known as Fujian Qing, Dahu Qing and Qingshi, is an epigenetic diabase equivalent to gabbro. Crystalline, fine - medium grain, dark gray - gray black, often with a green or secondary green structure. Dark grey and gray black. Diabase is mainly composed of pyroxene and basic feldspar (epigenetic rocks with the same composition as gabbro). It contains a small amount of olivine, biotite, quartz, apatite, magnetite, ilmenite and so on. Basic plagioclase is often altered into albite, epidote, epidote and kaolinite, while pyroxene is often altered into chlorite, amphibole and carbonate minerals. The whole color of chlorite is usually greyish green. Diabase is similar to gabbro in composition, but it is shallow and not as deep as gabbro, so it is smaller in grain size, and it does not erupt from the surface like basalt and is mainly glassy. Diabase can be divided into olivine diabase, quartz diabase, zeolite, orthoclase, alkaline diabase and so on according to the different secondary minerals.

Diabase Processing technology

Diabase material is a rare resource in artificial sand industry. With the shortage of natural sand and stone, a large number of artificial sand and stone began to pour into the market. Diabase, as a kind of artificial sand and stone treatment, is widely used in sand and stone yards. Diabase sand production line is equipped with the following: feeder - jaw crusher - counterattack crusher - vibrating screen - cone crusher - new type of sand machine, or feeder - E Breaker - counterattack Breaker - vibrating screen - hydraulic cone breaker - new type of sand machine - wheel sand washing machine, divided into dry sand and wet sand. The diabase sand production line has the advantages of high automation, low operation cost, high crushing rate, energy saving, large output, less pollution, easy maintenance, and the manufactured sand meets the national standard for building sand. The product has uniform particle size, good grain shape and reasonable gradation.
Diabase is a superior building material. Such as the "Luodian Green" in Guizhou, the "peacock green" in Zhejiang Linhai, the "Wulong Qing" in Henan, the "Chrysanthemum Blue" in Shanxi, the "Taibai Qing" in Shanxi, and the "Beiyue Black" in this category. Diabase is mainly used as crushed stone for asphalt concrete on highway, powder for chemical viscose, building stone or craft stone. It is raw material for casting stone, lining of various equipment and various types of parts such as joints, bushings, grates, etc.

Application fields Through the deep processing, Diabase can be widely used in the following industries.

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