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Cobblestone is a by-product of the exploitation of yellow sand because it is named after the goose egg. Cobblestone, as a kind of natural stone, is taken from the sand and stone hills which were uplifted by the ancient river bed after the crustal movement of tens of millions of years ago, and is subjected to constant extrusion and friction during the process of torrential impact and flowing water transportation. In the course of tens of thousands of years of vicissitudes, they have suffered from the movement of waves, were rubbed by gravel collision loss of irregular edges, and with the sediment buried deep underground silence for millions of years. Cobblestone products are: natural color mechanism cobblestone, River pebble, rain flower stone, dry clay stone, spray stone, landscaping stone, wood fossils, cultural stone, natural color marble rice and other building decorative materials and high-grade dyed sand for interior decoration, non-toxic, tasteless, non-decolorizing. It is a kind of ideal green building material with the characteristics of hard quality, bright color and primitive simplicity, compression resistance, wear resistance and corrosion resistance.

Cobblestone Processing technology

In recent years, the cobblestone sand making machine market sales hot, has created many sand making machine manufacturers, cobblestone sand making machine equipment production to automation requirements are also increasingly high, in the increasingly fierce competition, cobblestone sand making machine manufacturers in order to win customers, are moving towards automation, intelligent development, cobblestone sand making machine since Mobile technology will become the trend of future development. Anbang new pebble sand machine with high efficiency, green, energy-saving pebble sand machine equipment has become a model for the application of the sand and stone industry. In order to continuously raise the market quality, benefit and high requirement standards of the cobblestone sand production line, Anbang has changed and updated the sand-making equipment year by year, and continuously improved the performance and energy-saving of the equipment, including vibrating feeder, Hubei crusher, sand-making machine, impact crusher, vibrating screen, sand washing machine and other stone equipment. In line with the domestic mining equipment with high efficiency, environmental protection and low energy, the renewed equipment has the advantages of high efficiency, low energy consumption and low cost. The finished sand is widely used in metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry, coal, bridge, highway, high-speed railway, urban construction and other departments.
Pebbles are widely used in public buildings, villas, courtyard buildings, paving roads (pebble roads built in the park have the effect of prolonging life), Park rockeries, bonsai filling materials, garden art and other high-level superstructure. It not only promotes the ancient culture of the East, but also reflects the classical style of the West. Cobblestones also provide high-quality materials for water purification, sewage treatment, electricity, gardens and other projects. It also provides raw and auxiliary materials for ceramics, precision casting, paper making, spray grinding, chemical industry, monocrystalline silicon, national defense and so on. The pebbles can be widely used in hydraulic and Hydropower projects, high-grade highways, expressways, high-speed railways, passenger dedicated lines, bridges, Airport runways, municipal engineering, high-rise building sand production and stone shaping.

Application fields Through the deep processing, Cobblestone can be widely used in the following industries.

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