Shale is a sedimentary rock with complex compositions, but all of them have thin-shale or lamellar joints. It is mainly composed of clay deposited by pressure and temperature, but mixed with quartz, feldspar clastic and other chemical substances. Tiny particles of shale formed by hardening clay materials are easily broken up and are easily divided into obvious rock formations. Clay rock. The composition is complex. Besides clay minerals, there are also many detrital minerals and authigenic minerals. Having a sheet or lamellar bedding. It is easy to split into pieces with hard objects. It is formed by compaction, dehydration and recrystallization of clay materials. Shale is weak in weathering resistance, and it often causes erosion and low mountains and valleys on the terrain. Shale is impervious to water and often becomes an aquifer in the distribution of groundwater.

Shale Processing technology

Shale crusher has been widely used in China because of its good characteristics. It has become a new environmental protection brick additive for large-scale brick and tile factory. Anbang has successfully developed and produced shale crusher which can easily crush shale through long-term investigation, careful design and bold practice. Shale crusher (also called shale crusher) is a new practical product of sandstone and coal cinder. It has a remarkable effect on the crushing of coal gangue, shale and other materials. Zhengzhou Vanguard Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. is the largest shale crusher manufacturer in China. It can provide customers with sandstone, shale, blue rock and gypsum. All aspects of material crushing technology to do all-round guidance. Specific process of shale crushing equipment production line: shale is evenly sent to jaw crusher by vibrating feeder for coarse breaking, coarse broken materials are sent to cone crushing by belt conveyor for further crushing, crushed materials are transported to vibrating screen for screening, materials to meet the requirements of finished product size through belt conveyor. It is transported to the finished product stack, and the material which does not meet the requirement of finished product granularity returns from the vibrating screen to the fine crushing cone breaking processing, forming a closed-circuit cycle. Product granularity can be combined and graded according to users' needs.
Shale project is mainly used to produce ceramsite for building, shale ceramsite can also be used as lightweight aggregate skeleton material, mixed with ceramsite, slag or coal ash and other industrial waste, cement as cementing material, the products produced by light weight, heat preservation, energy saving and other characteristics. The product can be used as building wall material to achieve building energy efficiency. According to the test, the ceramic block wall thickness of 40 cm heat transfer coefficient is equivalent to 1.48 m thickness of clay solid brick wall, energy saving, insulation effect is very significant.

Application fields Through the deep processing, Shale can be widely used in the following industries.