Coal is a kind of solid combustible mineral which is formed gradually by the complex biochemical and physical chemical changes of ancient plants buried underground. It is a kind of solid combustible organic rock, which is mainly formed by the biochemical process of plant remains, buried and then transformed by geological process, commonly known as coal. According to the different primitive materials and conditions of coal formation, natural coal can be divided into three categories, namely humic coal, residual coal and sapropelic coal. Coal is the most widely distributed fossil energy resource in the world. It is mainly divided into bituminous coal and anthracite, sub-bituminous coal and lignite. Sixty percent of the world's recoverable coal reserves are concentrated in the United States (25 percent), the former Soviet Union (23 percent) and China (12 percent). In addition, Australia, India, Germany and South Africa account for 29 percent of the world's total coal production. The above-mentioned seven countries or regions account for 80 percent of the world's total coal production. The proven coal reserves are more than 63 times the oil reserves. Abundant countries are also major producers of coal.

Coal Processing technology

After crushing, the coal can be used as an additive or internal fuel. Vanguard's coal crusher is a new type of European coal mine crusher which absorbs the latest international crushing technology and combines with the domestic market demand. The coal breaker is suitable for crushing many kinds of ores with different hardness. The crushing fineness can be adjusted to different grades of coarse crushing, medium crushing and fine crushing, which perfectly realizes the various requirements of coal crushing for particle size. Coal crusher equipment commonly used in coal crushing includes: jaw crusher, impact crusher, circular vibrating screen, according to special requirements can also be added sand machine and other equipment, in order to achieve a more refined treatment of coal. Vanguard's coal crusher is a kind of high-efficiency and wear-resistant coal mine crusher. It has the characteristics of simple structure, high crushing ratio and high production efficiency. It can be used for dry and wet crushing. It can also adjust the gap between the castor bars according to the requirements of users and change the size of the discharged material to meet the different needs of different users. In addition, the coal crusher not only has high production efficiency, but also the hammer head of the self-developed coal mine crusher is very wear-resistant, customized processing is very convenient, greatly reducing the trouble of frequent replacement of vulnerable parts.
Coal has a wide range of uses, which can be summarized as three main uses according to its purpose: (1) power coal, (2) coking coal, (3) coal for coal chemical industry, mainly including gasification coal, low-temperature dry distillation coal, coal for hydroliquefaction, etc. Power coal includes power generation coal, steam locomotive coal, building materials coal, general industrial boiler coal, domestic coal, metallurgical power coal and so on. The main use of coking coal is coking, coke is made from coking coal or blended coal smelting at high temperature, generally 1.3 tons of coking coal can be converted into a ton of coke. Coke is mainly used in steelmaking. It is the main raw material for iron and steel industry. It is known as the "basic food" of iron and steel industry.

Application fields Through the deep processing, Coal can be widely used in the following industries.