There are thousands of thermal power plants in China. Although there are many ways to generate electricity, such as nuclear power generation, Water Conservancy Power generation, wind power generation, solar power generation and thermal power generation, thermal power generation still occupies a considerable proportion in China. From the point of view of environmental protection, thermal power generation is the most polluted way to generate electricity. The main component of coal is carbon accounting for about 60-80%, followed by hydrogen, oxygen, sulfur, nitrogen, water and ash accounting for 20-40%, sulfur in the combustion process of coal is the largest pollution, sulfur dioxide will be generated when the incomplete combustion of sulfur, will seriously pollute the environment, is the main way to produce acid rain pollution of water sources. Why is it said that the "mill is the environmental protection guardian in thermal power plants" is because it effectively handles the sulfur emissions from coal combustion. This is what we call "power plant desulfurization".

Desulphurization in power plant Processing technology

Desulfurization of power plants uses grinders to process limestone, a process known as limestone pulverization, to make limestone roasting fully reactive. Limestone/lime-gypsum process is the most mature technology, the most widely used and the most stable operation method. Its desulfurization efficiency is more than 95%. The wet limestone/lime-gypsum flue gas desulfurization process is used in more than 90% of the large thermal power plants in the world (such as Germany, Japan and so on). At present, limestone/lime process is the most widely used FGD process in the world. For high sulfur coal, the desulfurization rate can be more than 90%, and for low sulfur coal, the desulfurization rate can be more than 95%. In recent years, China's electricity consumption has increased dramatically, resulting in more serious power pollution. Relevant state departments have promulgated administrative regulations such as "Air Pollutant Emission Standard for Thermal Power Plants", "Key Technologies for Flue Gas Desulfurization in Thermal Power Plants and Planning Points for Localization of Equipments", etc., to compel thermal power enterprises to implement environmental protection measures in order to promote power production. The purpose of environmental protection is achieved, which makes the mill more and more widely used in power plant desulfurization, and also makes the mill manufacturers benefit greatly. Vanguard Machinery is the cooperative manufacturer of desulfurization link in power plant. Vanguard benefits from the new policy of environmental protection of thermal power generation. For mill manufacturers, the mill is not only the "environmental protection guard" in thermal power plant, but also the main product of the company. Vanguard's Star High Pressure Medium Speed grinder is cooperated with Shandong well-known power plant. The limestone desulfurization mill provided by Vanguard's Star provides high quality limestone powder for desulfurization of the power plant, and is praised by customers.
At present, coal washing, clean coal combustion technology, burning low sulfur coal and flue gas desulfurization are the main ways to reduce sulfur dioxide emissions in thermal power plants in China. At present, only part of inorganic sulfur in coal can be removed by coal washing, but there is no economical and feasible technology to remove organic sulfur in coal. In China's high sulfur coal producing areas, the organic sulfur content in coal is high, so it is difficult to effectively control sulfur dioxide emissions by coal washing. Clean coal combustion technology is a new technology developed in the world in the past 10 years. Although there are mature commercial technologies in the developed countries, the single machine capacity is not large. Moreover, clean coal combustion technology has large investment and high technical requirements, so it is difficult to be widely used in a short period of time in China. Secondly, the combustion mode of coal is very different from that of conventional boiler. Clean coal power generation technology can not be used to solve the environmental protection problems of power plants in service without changing boilers. The flue gas desulfurization technology is more mature. Therefore, for a long time in the future, China's national conditions and technical conditions have decided that the key and effective means to control sulfur dioxide emissions from thermal power plants is flue gas desulfurization.

Application fields Through the deep processing, Desulphurization in power plant can be widely used in the following industries.