CSP30 Shotcrete Sprayer
CSP30 Shotcrete Sprayer

Product introduction:CSP-30 concrete spraying equipment is a versatile and flexible solution for medium to large sections of tunnels, caverns and slopes. It is a diesel hydraulic mobile concrete sprayer mounted on truck. The equipment is operated electrically only. It is available with a diesel drive system.Controlled by remote control with an automatic spray lance movement and nozzle oscillation, the operator can fully concentrate on spraying finish quality.The wireless remote control system ,which realizes controlling all the functions involved on the spraying process at a safe zone .

Technical Features
1. The mature automobile chassis has strong stability, strong maneuverability, and rapid transition. It can take into account multiple working surfaces and reduce equipment investment.
2. The power system drives the work to reduce exhaust emissions. In the event of an accidental power failure, start the engine of the car chassis, retract the boom and outriggers, and quickly evacuate the working face without delaying the construction of other processes.
3. The amount of accelerator and concrete are automatically matched to reduce the consumption of accelerator. The maximum injection volume can reach 30m3/h, and the comprehensive rebound rate can be controlled at ≤15%.
4. The manipulator has flexible movements, a large construction range, and no construction blind spots.
CSP30 Shotcrete Sprayer
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CSP30 Shotcrete Sprayer
CSP30 Shotcrete Sprayer
CSP30 Shotcrete Sprayer
CSP30 Shotcrete Sprayer
CSP30 Shotcrete Sprayer

Performance parameter

whole machine
long 11500mm
width 2500mm
high 3410mm
Total Weight 16800kg
Boom legs Boom structure Boom and forearm pitching / forearm telescopic two sections
jet height 15.8m
jet width 25m
Boom pitch angle 0-70°
Forearm pitch angle 0°-110°
Boom rotation angle 360°
Nozzle axial rotation angle 360°
Nozzle vertical axis swing angle 240°
Nozzle brushing angle 360°
Front and rear outrigger cylinder center width 2100mm
Front and rear outrigger cylinder center distance 5180mm
work drive electric motor
pumping system
Motor rated power 75kw
Motor working voltage 380/66ov
Concrete displacement 30m3/h
Concrete outlet pressure 7.5Mpa
Maximum diameter of sprayed aggregate ●16mm
Delivery pipe diameter 125~80mm variable diameter
Nozzle mouth diameter 50mm
Chassis model Foton chassis
wheelbase 5250mm
engine power 160HP
engine model YC6J160
fuel tank volume 200L
Maximum speed ≤90km/h
Maximum grade ≤20%
Minimum ground clearance 260mm
Minimum turning radius 18m
Accelerator Accelerator output flow 0~800L/h
The maximum pressure at the outlet of the accelerator system 1.8Mpa
Accelerator tank volume 1000L
Accelerator pump model SED12
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