YGMXO190 superfine grinding mill in Guangxi

Configuration:YGMXO190 superfine grinding mill


Output size:325mesh ≥ d95

Project Overview:
the project is mainly used for processing limestone to produce power plant desulfurizer and supplying desulfurization process for self-supplied power plant. Through in-depth investigation of several manufacturers of pulverizing equipment, the customer finally selected YGMXO190 superfine pulverizer produced by Vanguard Machinery.

Project advantage:

YGMXO190 ultra-fine grinding mill is adopted as the main machine, Under the same power conditions, compared with similar equipment in the industry, the output is increased by more than 30%, and the power consumption per ton is saved by more than 20%, which saves the operation cost for customers and improves the economic benefits. The high fineness cage analyzer is adopted, so the classification efficiency is high, and the finished product particle size distribution is uniform; The whole system adopts assembly line operation and is equipped with pulse bag filter, and the grinding mill can realize unmanned and dust-free operation on construction site.


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